Deciding to set off on a major voyage across the void can be a far cry from actually beginning the journey. In our case, there always seemed to be something else that needed to be done first.

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Our first few days travelling together were largely uneventful, apart from my near-constant state of pants-soiling terror. My new travelling companion spent a day hopping to nearby star systems, upgrading myriad parts of the ship to make it a more effective exploration craft. This involved my first (and second, third, and subsequent) hyperspace jumps in the front seat of a spacecraft.

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Black Marisse

You don’t know where Belevnis is, and that’s okay. It’s one of those inner frontier kind of worlds: far enough from the well-travelled space lanes that it’s hard to find a meal that didn’t come out of an AutoChef, but close enough that the only unpopulated systems tend to be the ones without planets.

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